"The Sick Bug" is a 2009 Moms Choice Award Gold Recipient!! 

 "The Sick Bug" is a 2008  ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year Award Finalist

"The Sick Bug" is a Finalist in the Children's Picture Book Category of the 2009 Next Generaton Indie Book Awards  

"The Sick Bug" is a 2009 Reader Views Honorary Mention in Children's Books Toddler - 5!! 

 "A delightful story with knock-out illustrations. This fun read puts a new and humorous spin on what unites all kids - being home with a "bug." Sure to resonate with kids and their parent caretakers!"
--Marianne Richmond, author and illustrator of "I Love You So..."

"A fun and easy to read book to help young children understand when they become ill with the common cold. Great illustrations will captivate their attention."
-- JoAnne Pastel, Parent and Co-author of Bur Bur and Friends book series

 "The common cold takes on a life of its own in this story that is begging to be read again and again. Sure to increase a child's phonemic awareness, this story is an excellent learning tool for school or for home."
--Heidi Stagnaro; 1st Grade Teacher, San Francisco, CA

The Sick Bug” was an extremely humorous and engaging book. The words and illustrations had my children laughing out loud! I, as well as my children, really enjoyed the storyline and thought that it was creative, unique, and entertaining.  It is a story that everyone can relate to as we have all been a little under the weather at one time or another. Not only was the book enjoyable to read, but it also taught children the lesson of how to make that sick bug “give up and return to his home” through drinking plenty of fluids and getting the needed rest. We highly recommend this fun book!"
--The Aures Family, Austin, Texas
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"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for 'The Sick Bug' I can’t even begin to count the times we have read that book.  Avery is OBSESSED with it and I need to read it 2-3x/night!....Tell Susie that her biggest fan is in Carbondale, Colorado!"
--The Shook Family, Carbondale, Colorado

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Review on Amazon.com and Stories for Children Magazine posted 12-5-08

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5.0 out of 5 stars Stories for Children Magazine 5 Star Review, December 5, 2008
REVIEWED BY: Wayne Walker

Tess, a three-year-old girl, is not feeling very well. When her mother tells her that she has a "bug," she first imagines that there is a real insect inside her--maybe a beetle or a flea! Then Mom says that it is a "sick bug," and the two begin to imagine what a "sick bug" might look like and do. After this, Mom remembers a book that her mother had about "sick bugs" and what to do about them. The story ends with some simple but true advice on how to send the sick bug away. I think that this book is delightful and will be welcomed by those who are trying to comfort a sick child.
The author, an attorney who decided to stay home and take care of her three children, has endured many Minnesota cold and flu seasons and based this story upon a conversation with her three-year-old about catching a "bug." All children have experienced these kinds of illnesses, so the combination of serious with silly will appeal to them. Also, the clever rhyming dialogue between mother and daughter and the whimsically amusing illustrations by Shawn McCann will appeal to the parents who read this story to their youngsters. This is a great children's picture book to while away the hours while suffering from the sniffles.

Midwest Book Review:  Hassler's Bookshelf:  (http://www.midwestbookreview.com/rbw/mar_09.htm#rc)

"The Sick Bug is a bugged-out world of fun and a timeless story that will appeal to children and adults. Delightful and amusing, rhyming dialogue between mother and daughter captures a sick child's imagination of what it means to be sick with a "sick bug". A little girl's mind runs wild with whimsical illustrations that depict what she imagines "sick bugs" to be. Innocent curious questions from her daughter leads this mother to playfully fill her child's thoughts with fanciful bugs when she describes them and says, "Some say they're sparkly and covered with eyes. Sticky and prickly with polka-dot ties". Children will easily fall in love with this imaginative story and parents can enjoy encouraging their imagination too. Family friendly and fun this book leaves readers with the simple message of how to get better, get rid of "sick bugs", and how to send them back to "Bugland". When youngsters are feeling under the weather this book will bring lots of giggles and toothy smiles!"

Review on Minnesota Moments Blog by Audrey Kletscher Helbling posted 12-31-08: (second entry)

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