Ever Wonder

That is exactly the question that plagues three-year-old Tess. When she doesn't feel well, Tess's imagination runs wild after her Mom tells her she is sick with "a bug." The fun escalates when Tess and Mom ponder what "sick bugs" look like, where they come from and, most importantly, when Tess's sick bug will go home.

A contagiously fun children's tale that will bring a smile to children and adults alike, no matter who has the temperature!



Book Preview Announcing The Sick Bug Goes to School

The Sick Bug returns in this outrageously silly sequel to the award winning children's tale "The Sick Bug". In the charming follow-up, the Sick Bug has his sights set on an elementary school classroom where he and his bug friends take advantage of some ideal germ-spreading opportunities! It will take one observant student and his clever teacher to help the other children foil the Sick Bug's plans to spread! Combining engaging dialogue and eye-popping illustrations with everyday classroom-appropriate hygiene lessons, "The Sick Bug Goes To School" is destined to be another hit in schools and at home!

Available October 2010


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